Global Industrial Services specialize in providing trained and certified operators, labourers, drivers and skilled tradesman from around North America to the Oil and Gas Industry.

What does this mean to you and for your company? Our services allow you to focus on your business while comfortably knowing we are supporting and supplying all of your labour requirements. For over 20 years, our program has proven to be a very valuable asset to our clientele, allowing them to grow their businesses at accelerated rates.

Global Industrial Services have offices in Edmonton, Ontario and Troy, Michigan. We contract employees to companies for long term and short term basis, depending on our client’s needs. Global Industrial Services is responsible for all government remittances including Workers Compensation. We will also provide the required training for First Aid and CPR, WHMIS, Dangerous Goods, Alberta Construction Safety Course, H2S Alive, Pipeline Construction Safety Training, Ground Disturbance, etc.

Global Industrial Services has a very large pool of individuals ready and available to go to work for you. One of the greatest benefits we provide to our Western Canadian clients is that we have employees ready to take the place of any outgoing workers, keeping our client’s production schedules on track. Bottom line, we fill your camps so you meet your deadlines and increase your sales. Its a partnership you can count on to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently while realizing increased revenue guaranteed. Contact us today.

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Labour Leasing Program

Ask us about the time and money saving benefits you will receive through our labour leasing program.